4 Cute Half-Up Hairdos for the Lazy Days


We all experience those days. Those days when your hair won’t lay right to save your life. Too flat, too poufy, etc., etc.,….whatever it is, it won’t cooperate enough for you to walk out the door looking like that.

Society needs to change it’s expectations, don’t you think?

Well, until that happens, here are some hairdos to keep you presentable. Half-ups, because those are always the best for the worst hair days, I find. Continue reading “4 Cute Half-Up Hairdos for the Lazy Days”

10 Tips for Keeping Yourself Happy (& Healthy)


We all have those days when we decide to choose the decision that is not quite so good as it’s alternative—ahem, pizza over salad—and end up feeling bad. Not like, just bad physically, but like we just chucked all our good will and resolution in the cornfield (or garbage can).

And we know the feeling of those times when your gym membership expired and you didn’t even go once (okay, at least I’m a honest person—I never even signed up for a membership!). Continue reading “10 Tips for Keeping Yourself Happy (& Healthy)”

What’s in My Routine : Bath & Beauty Products


So I have to start by saying while I try to use all natural and organic (you know, healthy) products as much as possible, there are a couple things that I haven’t found a good natural product to replace it with.

But today I will be sharing everything from the shampoo I use to what brand of nail polish I prefer using. Continue reading “What’s in My Routine : Bath & Beauty Products”