Fashion Inspiration : Classy Red, White, & Blue

I didn’t plan on picking an outfit of patriotic colors so close to the 4th of July =)

But I saw this outfit and was intrigued by the sense of style.

It’s sure to make you look well put together and classy!

Pleated skirt with bright red belt. Striped shirt, solid blue blazer.

Then you’ve got the striped and solid purse, the interesting blue-and-gold twist earrings and bracelet, and the classic-style red heels.

What do you think? Get some inspiration and put together a red, white and blue outfit from your closet–to wear on 4th of July–or maybe it will be classy enough (like this one) to wear anytime!

Pleated Skirt



Fashion Inspiration : Vintage Floral

I can’t seem to get away from vintage fashion–at least on Polyvore. I don’t wear a lot of vintage things, but I guess I’m just disgusted at some modern fashion =)

As always, I tend to be drawn also to simplicity. It’s elegant.

So, here’s a simple, elegant, feminine outfit (those are always what I pick, right?).

The blouse is beautiful. It is so chic, and looks Parisian.

Then the pleated skirt (love the pleats!) is bright and bold. But still feminine and elegant.

The shoes are rather plain and seem to be made exactly to match the blouse!

And then a beautiful little clutch-wallet-purse that is the most expensive thing in the outfit =)

alone  by zozane


Fashion Inspiration : Black & White

Who can ever not like the classic black and  white combination?

White looks classy and black looks classy and together, they really pack a punch of class!

A simple black dress and white blazer.

Then the accessories bring the colors together in stripes (gotta love stripes!), for the purse and shoes.

Black sunglasses. They would go with everything (like my own white ones!).

Maybe you need some inspiration so you can bring a black and white outfit of your own together 🙂

Shades of You: Sunglass Hut Contest Entry



Fashion Inspiration : Summer Blue Floral

I don’t know why I always love blue in summer. Maybe it’s the connotation of blue with cool ocean water?

This outfit just nails summer style. It’s cool (and blue). It’s pretty. It’s layers. And lace.

I love that the pieces are either blue or cream, but the skirt combines them.

They have the skirt for pattern, the shirt and jacket for texture, the necklace, bracelet, and earrings for some bling, and the plainer shoes and purse to bring it all together.


Bez naslova #2556


Fasion Inspiration: Amy Butler Deco Blooms

Here’s a gorgeous, colorful outfit for you to enjoy as inspiration in your own closet!

And, finally, an outfit with flats instead of heels 🙂

These shoes are adorable!

I love the bright red mixed with floral pattern and garden-y colors.

I’m not fond of no-sleeves, so I would pair the dress with a sweater if I wore it.

Amy Butler Deco Blooms Nora Chain Organic Clutch



Fashion Inspiration: Bright Tank Top for Spring

Here’s a gorgeous, feminine, gentle and yet kind of casual. I love it!

The color is bright yellow (I don’t wear enough yellow).

I just love the classy casual look of it!

It has a couple pieces of light jewelry with it, and a “pop” bracelet.

What do you think?

Bright Tank Top For Spring