Monday Mixup : Inspiring Your Week 2-19-18

Yet another week’s Monday Mixup.

I have to confess, I’m finding it hard to keep up the inspirational stuff because my mind is just so taken up with travel plans for later this year! (whoo-whoo!)

I will be traveling to Africa this August and I’m literally sooo excited but I’m also nervous because I’ve never flown before (yeah, so I decided to take a ten-day trip? It’s all good).

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Monday Mixup : Inspiring Your Week 2-12-18 |Valentine’s Edition|


Another week’s Monday Mixup…..drumroll……the special Valentine’s Edition! *cheers*

I am pulling ideas from all over the internet for this so you can make sure you have a LOVE-ly Valentine’s this year.

Some of the stuff will be ideas for couples or celebrating with your special person, but I will also include some things for the singles (like me!) who have to find a creative way to celebrate Valentine’s by themselves. Continue reading “Monday Mixup : Inspiring Your Week 2-12-18 |Valentine’s Edition|”

Monday Mixup : Inspiring Your Week 2-5-18


Island Creamery — Chincoteague Island, Va. | 27 Ice Cream Shops You Need To Visit Before You DieStarting this week’s Monday Mixup with the BEST THING OF ALL—a guide to 27 of THE BEST ice cream spots around the world (yay!!)!

And #3 I can personally attest to the fact that it’s probably the best stuff I’ve ever tasted. I have a love for ice cream, and can eat it all year round (so I guess I should start checking these places off my list?).

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4 Really Cool Online Places You Probably Aren’t Shopping At


So this is a collection of interesting online shops that I’ve found myself (this is not a sponsored post =)

I love finding good places online because it’s so darn hard to buy gifts these days (anyone feel me??) and I like having unusual options.

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Monday Mixup : Inspiring Your Week 1-29-18

It’s another Monday Mixup! And I’m starting off with this beautiful pic *sigh* of this beautiful place I’ll probably never get to. I just love oceans and water, though =) Continue reading “Monday Mixup : Inspiring Your Week 1-29-18”

Monday Mixup : Inspiring Your Week 1-22-18

7 Fairytale Castles In Ireland

Another Monday Mixup! I’m starting it off with this picture of a beautiful castle in Ireland. You can learn more about it here along with 6 other castles in Ireland worth a visit. Continue reading “Monday Mixup : Inspiring Your Week 1-22-18”

Monday Mixup : Inspiring a Great Start to Your Week!


Is anyone else as in love with the style in this picture as I am?! Very chic, very French…I love it.

There is also a back view and here’s the link to that and the photographer.

Okay, if this goes well I might do this every week!

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