On Ladies’ Meetings and Shoeboxes


Our church holds ladies’ meetings. (yeah. Way to start off a post, right?)

A couple weeks ago, it was one such meeting. We normally hold it at someone’s house, but this time it was in our church’s fellowship hall.

It was a long hard day at work for me. I was dirty, sweaty, and tired; and I only had about an hour to get a shower and get cleaned up and put my feet up for a few minutes. Continue reading “On Ladies’ Meetings and Shoeboxes”

Are We Seeking to Be Moral Christians or Godly Christians?


I am enjoying reading “Counter Culture” by David Platt. If you think this is a weird way to start a blog post, by all means, keep reading. It will get better.

It’s the kind of book that inspires you to actually do something to change the world.

I’d been all caught up in reading it, silently “amen-ing” to his points (my mom says I actually nod away at my book while reading. Like I do in church during the sermon), devouring chapter after chapter, until I realized—I hadn’t even cracked open the cover of my Bible that day.

Talk about conviction! Here I am reading a book on countering culture with our Christianity and spirituality and I hadn’t even been in my guidebook—I hadn’t even taken the time to arm myself with time with God. Continue reading “Are We Seeking to Be Moral Christians or Godly Christians?”