Fashion Inspiration : Classy Red, White, & Blue

I didn’t plan on picking an outfit of patriotic colors so close to the 4th of July =)

But I saw this outfit and was intrigued by the sense of style.

It’s sure to make you look well put together and classy!

Pleated skirt with bright red belt. Striped shirt, solid blue blazer.

Then you’ve got the striped and solid purse, the interesting blue-and-gold twist earrings and bracelet, and the classic-style red heels.

What do you think? Get some inspiration and put together a red, white and blue outfit from your closet–to wear on 4th of July–or maybe it will be classy enough (like this one) to wear anytime!

Pleated Skirt



4 Things You HAVE to Stop Thinking About Yourself (reblog)


Sometimes we are held back from being the person God wants us to be by some feeling inside.

It’s not a good thing, but we all have days like that.

Maybe it’s a whole season in your life where you feel inadequate to handle what you’ve been given in life. Continue reading “4 Things You HAVE to Stop Thinking About Yourself (reblog)”

TEDxTeen Inspiration : Ann Makosinski

So, I watched this video the other day (for the first time–I love finding new TED talks) and it’s SOOOO inspirational! I mean, these are my thoughts, only someone else saying them (and saying them better 🙂 )!

Watch this, and then get offline and connect in a different way.

Online connection may change your number of followers and likes, but offline connection–actual human interaction–will change your very being.

Because we were made to do it.

Enjoy & happy weekend all!!

Fashion Inspiration : Vintage Floral

I can’t seem to get away from vintage fashion–at least on Polyvore. I don’t wear a lot of vintage things, but I guess I’m just disgusted at some modern fashion =)

As always, I tend to be drawn also to simplicity. It’s elegant.

So, here’s a simple, elegant, feminine outfit (those are always what I pick, right?).

The blouse is beautiful. It is so chic, and looks Parisian.

Then the pleated skirt (love the pleats!) is bright and bold. But still feminine and elegant.

The shoes are rather plain and seem to be made exactly to match the blouse!

And then a beautiful little clutch-wallet-purse that is the most expensive thing in the outfit =)

alone  by zozane


Fashion Inspiration : Black & White

Who can ever not like the classic black and  white combination?

White looks classy and black looks classy and together, they really pack a punch of class!

A simple black dress and white blazer.

Then the accessories bring the colors together in stripes (gotta love stripes!), for the purse and shoes.

Black sunglasses. They would go with everything (like my own white ones!).

Maybe you need some inspiration so you can bring a black and white outfit of your own together 🙂

Shades of You: Sunglass Hut Contest Entry



Being Filled with LOVE

DSCF3356 - Copy.JPG

The greatest commandment in the Bible is to

“Love the LORD your GOD with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind..”  (Matthew 22:37)

and the second to

“Love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39)

If these are the first and second commandments, love is an important (and powerful) thing.

But what about the days you just feel like strangling anyone who crosses your path?

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In Memorial


We get caught up in little things.



Material things.

And we forget that the most important thing, in this life, is the people around us.

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