10 Tips for Keeping Yourself Happy (& Healthy)


We all have those days when we decide to choose the decision that is not quite so good as it’s alternative—ahem, pizza over salad—and end up feeling bad. Not like, just bad physically, but like we just chucked all our good will and resolution in the cornfield (or garbage can).

And we know the feeling of those times when your gym membership expired and you didn’t even go once (okay, at least I’m a honest person—I never even signed up for a membership!). We don’t need to go around beating ourselves up for what we did or didn’t do (whew. Thank God for that!) but rather, we need to move forward with the thinking that what we decide to do or not do affects our health (physically, spiritually, and emotionally) and we have the choice to accept what makes us feel good.

I’m totally in to good health. Like, happy health. People always think healthy eating is boring, tasteless, and impossible—-that’s something called a diet, not healthy eating!

So, to make a long post short,…..these are some tips I’ve found to make me feel well. Whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually, and they are normally all tied together. But these are easy tips of do’s and don’t do’s that you can try and see what works for you!!


1. Drink More Water.

I know. Boring, right? It’s what every dentist, doctor, and health guru recommends…..but it’s true. Dehydration has caused me a lot of headaches, that put me in bad moods and not able to cope with things well. A healthy person is a happy person, so stay hydrated! Also, drinking water filters impurities out of your skin and blood, so if you drink more water, you just might find your skin looking better.


2. Take Time to Calm Down.

Everything in life is busy, busy, busy and rush here and there. With our constantly increasing schedules, we get stressed out! Whether it’s right before bed time (which will contribute to a better sleep) or starting off your day focused, take some time for a breather. You can meditate, you can read, you can take a walk, you can just sit with your eyes closed. Whatever you find restful and stress-less, you should at least take 15 minutes out for.


3. Eat Less Sugar.

Seriously. I know, you guys are like “Whaaat?! We don’t want diet advice!” Yes. This isn’t diet advice. This is everyday conscious food change. Sugar hypes you up, makes you more irritable and less focused,  makes you more prone to depression, and—believe it or not–adds more inches to your waistline than fatty foods (you can do the research!). To ditch just a portion of what sugar you would normally eat will make a difference in the way you feel.

*Pro tip: if you need to fill a sugar craving ( I get those!) but don’t want to eat the toxic sweet stuff and encourage your need for it, go find some dark chocolate—like 70%—90% cacao, and eat that instead. Chocolate (dark) is actually healthy for you! If you don’t like dark chocolate plain find a dark chocolate bar with added fruits or nuts (just not added sugar!).


4. Wear Less Makeup—but Wear Makeup.

If that makes sense! On days when I wear makeup (or have my nails done) I feel better, because I feel like I look good. On the other hand, when you cake the makeup on, it makes me feel fake and messy. I do have days where I go makeup-free, though, and I don’t mind. It makes my face feel cleaner–and fresher–when I don’t put anything on it.


5. Get Some Sunshine and Fresh Air.

This makes a lot of difference in the way I feel! I’m always more depressed when I don’t get my sunshine and fresh air =) Sunshine gives you a lot of Vitamin D and if you go on a walk, you’ll combine the sunshine and fresh air with a dose of exercise–and enjoy the happiness of all three!


6. Turn on the Music!

If you’re feeling down, turn on some jazzy, up-beat music–if you’re having trouble relaxing or concentrating, try some classical stuff. Music really does have an incredible impact on a person. If you can play an instrument, all the better. I always find playing piano to be a stress reliever and, therefore, something to make me happy (unless I’m hitting wrong notes!).

*Pro tip: you can never go wrong with the Piano Guys! They have crazy-happy music, melancholy music, peaceful music, and everything in between. They have songs for all moods.


7. Cut Your Time on Social Media.

There are days I just have to put my laptop down and spend some time elsewhere! Social media has a tendency to isolate us from the real people in our lives and become discontent with our own lives, worshipping these imaginary lives of people we hardly know (I’m sure that instagram photo was heavily edited).


8. Learn Something New.

I don’t know about you, but my brain stays happy when my brain stays busy. And that’s not to mean physically busy, necessarily. I love learning new things, researching new ideas, and brainstorming future creations. Take some time to learn a new skill, art, language, recipe, whatever suits your fancy.

*Pro tip: it doesn’t have to be expensive! Make sure you remember #7, but Youtube has almost everything under the sun in the way of tutorials, and you can learn something new for free!


9. Don’t Be Too Polite.

I didn’t even think this was a thing. And that’s part of the reason I had so much stress and pressure building up in my life! Don’t be so polite to other people or what other people want that you’re making yourself uncomfortable. You don’t have time to take on that project for so-and-so? You don’t have to. Say no. You can have a say in plans and things without being rude. Make sure you’re not allowing yourself to be roped into things you’d rather not be doing.


10. Enjoy a Little Friend-Time.

We are all at different places in our lives. Whether you have a good friend close by or far away, you can find something to keep you both connected. If you don’t feel you have a good friend, go make a new one! We all need that someone to lean on and get advice from and (unfortunately, sometimes) just pour out all of our problems to. It doesn’t have to be a complicated, day-long get together (although that does sound nice sometimes!)—it could be as simple as getting together in a kitchen and cooking up a meal from scratch, or going for a nature walk, or just calling each other.


Those are a few tips I have for staying healthy and happy that work for me. I hope you’ll try out a few and see if they make any difference in your life.

What is your best way to stay happy and healthy? Leave me a comment!

As always, I love hearing from you guys!


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