Monday Mixup : Inspiring a Great Start to Your Week!


Is anyone else as in love with the style in this picture as I am?! Very chic, very French…I love it.

There is also a back view and here’s the link to that and the photographer.

Okay, if this goes well I might do this every week!

My plan? To showcase a variety of interesting, inspirational, or just plain cool things that I’ve found over the internet to bring a little sparkle to your Monday.

Because we all know Mondays.

It might be a quote, a website, a product, or a picture…..something serious or funny.

I’m really excited to read this here and I have it coming in the mail! Phylicia also has an amazing blog here where she posts on relationships, sex, singleness, and just advice. I’ve read her blog and I’m refreshed by her solid Biblical perspective which is rare, and why I can’t wait to read her book.

Aw man.

My meme of the month….^^^


From practical travel tips to tips for inner travel peace, the following is a long list of everything we think every female traveler should know in order to get the most out of a travel experience.

This fabulous post on travel which might come in handy this year—accomplish your goals, and take some time (and $$) to travel this summer!

I love this look from The Everygirl and you can check out more of my favorite styles here on my Pinterest board.

I discovered this place over the holidays and fell in love with their mission. While I personally have not bought a product for myself, I bought a couple candles for a friend and heard they are amazing! Go check them out ; )

This is the coolest song and video to go with it. And it’s true–God still does miracles!

This little girl had my whole family laughing this week. They had to watch it more than once!


And….last but not least, this^^ (I think it speaks for itself!)

I hope you enjoyed this post of what’s-been-up-on-my-internet!

If you have interesting content (pictures, products, videos, etc.) that you’ve made or just found and want to share it on another Monday Mixup feel free to email me at !

And please,…..leave comments! I love hearing from you guys!!





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