My Goals For 2018


Hey you guys!

I know. I’m one of those terrible bloggers who you never know when they’re going to post or if they’ll keep it up.

My life has been CRAZY. BUSY. these past couple weeks. Like, can’t-catch-your-breath-blink-and-life’s-over crazy busy.

But I’m back to tell you some goals I set for 2018!

*Side note, I never make resolutions. They don’t last long and I think the reason why is because if you fail at a resolution, it’s over. Goals you can work towards, even if it’s two steps forward and one step back, and still reach your goal!

#1. Blog More (and get into taking my own pictures).

Yay! You know what this means? Improved (and more!) content for you all! I have been off and on blogging for several years now. My biggest struggle is finding content that I think will be enjoyable. I’m hoping to be posting 2-3 times a week AT LEAST. I want to set a reasonable goal right now and start making that before I expand =)

#2. Downsize My Possessions.

I’m excited about this! I am quite honestly tired of spending so much time putting things away in drawers they don’t fit in and tired of having stuff just laying around my room that I don’t use. I want to clear out my closet and my mind in the process. Getting rid of stuff that has no place in your life makes room for what you really want to be there!

#3. Focus On Priorities.

I really, seriously need to draw some lines here and decide what’s priority in my life, because I have been stretched too thin these past couple years and not been able to give my 100% best in anything. There are too many hobbies I enjoy! This year I’m cracking down on myself and making sure I focus on a couple important things.

#4. Be More Intentional With My Time.

This could be kinda connected to #3, but I need to start making myself a time chart or something so I can make sure I work in what’s important. I’ve been very careless with my time and as a result have not had time for things. This includes getting a morning routine down, so it’s not a rush-out-the-door-before-I’m-late-to-work morning every day.

#5. Take Some Time to Travel.

I haven’t had opportunity to travel much in my life, but it’s definitely something I want to do! It might just be trips to different states, or maybe I will get in an international flight, but I want to start exploring this beautiful world God has given us.


Those are the main goals for this year that I plan to start working on. I always leave room for God to work in my life, and might not get everything done that I want to, but I recognize that ultimately God’s will is done in life.

That being said, I pray over each goal that I intend to accomplish in a year and make sure it’s in line with my convictions and where I feel God wants me to be this year!

I’m excited to see how this year plays out.

What are your 2018 goals?

Leave me a comment =)


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