Monday Mixup : Inspiring Your Week 1-29-18

It’s another Monday Mixup! And I’m starting off with this beautiful pic *sigh* of this beautiful place I’ll probably never get to. I just love oceans and water, though =) Continue reading “Monday Mixup : Inspiring Your Week 1-29-18”

For Everything There’s a Time


Seasons being dramatic changes. One season can be quiet and tranquil, a period of restoration and refreshment. The next can be hectic and unplanned, a rushing through time without being able to pause and take a breath.

Last year was a waiting year. God told me, “Just learn to rest and trust in me. I am preparing you for something in this calm season.”

This year has started, and already I know: this is a year of action.

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What’s in My Routine : Bath & Beauty Products


So I have to start by saying while I try to use all natural and organic (you know, healthy) products as much as possible, there are a couple things that I haven’t found a good natural product to replace it with.

But today I will be sharing everything from the shampoo I use to what brand of nail polish I prefer using. Continue reading “What’s in My Routine : Bath & Beauty Products”

Monday Mixup : Inspiring Your Week 1-22-18

7 Fairytale Castles In Ireland

Another Monday Mixup! I’m starting it off with this picture of a beautiful castle in Ireland. You can learn more about it here along with 6 other castles in Ireland worth a visit. Continue reading “Monday Mixup : Inspiring Your Week 1-22-18”

Monday Mixup : Inspiring a Great Start to Your Week!


Is anyone else as in love with the style in this picture as I am?! Very chic, very French…I love it.

There is also a back view and here’s the link to that and the photographer.

Okay, if this goes well I might do this every week!

My plan? To showcase a variety of interesting, inspirational, or just plain cool things that I’ve found over the internet to bring a little sparkle to your Monday. Continue reading “Monday Mixup : Inspiring a Great Start to Your Week!”

My Goals For 2018


Hey you guys!

I know. I’m one of those terrible bloggers who you never know when they’re going to post or if they’ll keep it up.

My life has been CRAZY. BUSY. these past couple weeks. Like, can’t-catch-your-breath-blink-and-life’s-over crazy busy.

But I’m back to tell you some goals I set for 2018!

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