Monday Mixup : Inspiring a Great Start to Your Week!


Is anyone else as in love with the style in this picture as I am?! Very chic, very French…I love it.

There is also a back view and here’s the link to that and the photographer.

Okay, if this goes well I might do this every week!

My plan? To showcase a variety of interesting, inspirational, or just plain cool things that I’ve found over the internet to bring a little sparkle to your Monday. Continue reading “Monday Mixup : Inspiring a Great Start to Your Week!”

My Goals For 2018


Hey you guys!

I know. I’m one of those terrible bloggers who you never know when they’re going to post or if they’ll keep it up.

My life has been CRAZY. BUSY. these past couple weeks. Like, can’t-catch-your-breath-blink-and-life’s-over crazy busy.

But I’m back to tell you some goals I set for 2018!

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