Feminism: Thoughts on How the Pro-Women Movement isn’t as Good as it Seems


The topic of Feminism is certainly very controversial and people are willing to argue just about any point on both sides of the debate, pro- or anti-.

I certainly don’t want to get caught up in a senseless argument about if Feminism is a movement that our culture needs, or even what defines a Feminist.

People throw so many different meanings to the words, it’s hard to know what’s what.

But these are some thoughts I have on why what is viewed as pro-women is not working for our society.

For some, although not all, Feminists, pro-women means anti-men.

Sure, that doesn’t mean that they want to dispense of men altogether (well–why not, if women are perfectly capable of doing everything?), but they are willing to view every man that walks down the street as someone who is against them.

Whether it’s a boss who gives a promotion to a man (who happens to be better qualified for the job) over her, or a preacher who talks about the fact that men and women have different roles in life (which I happen to believe is true) they view everyone as “out to get them”.

Seriously, girl?

We don’t all want to read a tirade on Facebook about how men put you down all the time.

If Feminists are all for equality, they should understand this stuff–right?

Instead of being pro-women as in women get the same benefits of society while still being women, we are trying to switch gender roles.

What makes a man? What makes a woman? Isn’t it gender roles?

And yes, I believe there are only two genders out there–and you are what you are born.

I do not, however, believe women should be treated like property, should be forced to have sex without consent, shouldn’t be able to have a job, or hold property, or go without an education.

But those are basic human rights for both male and female.

I don’t think we should single women out for people’s rights.

Yes, it is a thing that the world is still struggling with—for women to be able to be independent humans.

Yes, women around the world are still being sold into sex trafficking, not allowed to own property, and going without an education.

And I think we should fight those things.

But Feminism is simply taking us to the extreme other end of the spectrum, and still messing up our society in different ways.

More and more I see “working moms” out taking on the world, while their increasingly wimpy husbands are home changing diapers.

Don’t get me wrong; guys should be involved with their kids.

But this whole role-switching tends to get us all upset with each other.

The husband wonders why his wife is so independent she doesn’t need him anymore, and the wife gets disgusted at her husband’s lack of initiative and masculinity.

The reason for this is simple: God specifically designed us women to be more suitable (emotionally and physically) to nurture children and take care of a home, and He made men more suitable to be the providers and warriors.

Do I have a job? Yes. But I am a single girl. If I ever have kids, I definitely want to stay home with them!

And this is not to throw stones at the women who are single moms and need to have a job, or women whose husbands are not able to work.

I’m just talking about this whole women-against-men type of attitude that’s going on in our culture.

I think Feminists are just taking things a bit too far.

In getting away from women in a nineteenth-century slave role, we are going to the opposite end of women in absolute power with men in subservience.

Let’s just start being realistic and Biblical, people.

Let’s be pro-people, and stop applying stereotypes and limitations on people.

All men (and women) are created equal.

Equal in value, not created the exact same being.

What are your thoughts on this matter? I believe in being open to different opinions.

Leave me a comment about what you think are the best and/or worst aspects of Feminism!

8 thoughts on “Feminism: Thoughts on How the Pro-Women Movement isn’t as Good as it Seems

  1. You are right about there should be some distinction in roles within a marriage. I try very hard not to project what “I” think is proper when viewing other peoples relationships. My thought process leans towards “who am I to judge what God has brought together”? What he’s spoken to them within their marriage is not to be revealed to me. It is for every married couple to define “themselves” what their roles will be within it. At the end of the day your spouse is more than just someone you love, cherish and respect but they are your partner. Our homes are like small businesses/small corporations in that we together as partners have to make “business decisions” about our households. You have certain criteria that you will value and desire in a future husband and someone else has a different set of values/criteria and that’s ok. God did not make us all to be clones of one another. Are differences are a thing of beauty and he did it on purpose 😊 My first instincts are to embrace and most importantly respect other ppls agreement in marriage and the decisions that they make for themselves cause frankly i don’t think it’s “my place” or fair to take a snapshot of someone’s life and pass judgement from afar. I certainly wouldn’t want that done to me and I think that most of us would not want that done to them. I absolutely love the dialogue and topics that you place up for discussion because that’s the only way that ppl will come to understanding one another as well as come to a place of respect even when we disagree. Thank you and I look forward to reading and discussing more about other topics

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  2. I think it is one thing to say the genders are different, but it is an entirely different thing for someone to define what being feminine should mean to me. I think that is where some Christians get it wrong.

    I have a college aged kid and a high school aged kid. My husband has never done the stay at home dad thing, but can you tell me why a man who changes diapers is wimpy? My husband certainly changed his share of diapers back in the day. And if you don’t know the factors that caused a couple to decide to have the man stay home, why be bothered by it?

    Obviously someone have had negative experiences at the hands of men. If someone has been wronged, they have a right to tell their story. If you think it is a tirade, why don’t you unfriend them.

    I think there can be some negative aspects to feminism…not sure I agree you have named them here.

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    1. Hey Kate!
      Thanks for your opinion, I welcome and appreciate open and honest comments.
      I don’t think my points quite got across, though. I don’t want to tell people what feminine means. But that is what I think feminists have a tendency to do. They don’t applaud the women who decide to stay home and teach their kids as much as they do the women who take over the business world.
      A man who changes diapers is NOT wimpy; as I said in my post, I am NOT bashing men who are involved in their children’s lives, single moms who have to work, or women who have to work because their husbands either physically can’t work or they can’t find a job. I only have noticed a growing trend of men who stay at home (when they could have a job) and end up lazy and lifeless.
      Of course people have been wronged by men. Just not all men in general. I don’t mind if someone shares that they have been wronged, I just don’t think they need to believe everything is a slight to them.
      I hope that helps you understand my viewpoint better!
      There are a lot of variables in life and these are just the things I view as detrimental to society and women’s progress.
      Thanks for your comment!


    2. Kate,

      “… can you tell me why a man who changes diapers is wimpy?”

      You have misinterpreted ‘… their increasingly wimpy husbands are home changing diapers.’ While Megan tried to clarify her position with “A man who changes diapers is NOT wimpy”, it is possible that some men who change diapers are, in fact, wimpy. I think her response would have been better expressed as Changing diapers does not make a man wimpy.

      Explanation (if needed): A man may or may not change diapers. A man is either wimpy or not. Changing diapers does not make a man wimpy, nor is there a certainty that a wimpy man will change diapers.


    3. These view points are very general and lack some depth of understanding. As you are aware I am a stay at home dad (who is also a musician) while my wife works to outside of the home to “provide” for our family. That being said, we’ve been married for almost 25yrs and that 25yrs has different seasons for us as a couple in terms of what has been our responsibilities to one another. For example when we first got married I worked as a police officer while my wife worked several different decent full time jobs (that didn’t necessarily pay as much as mine) while simultaneously went to school full time at night to obtain her undergraduate and masters degrees. It was mostly because of my career benefits and finances at that time that enabled her to get her education. That being said her value or my value isn’t and wasn’t at that time wrapped in a salary amount but it was based in answering the call of our responsibility to ourselves and one another as a married couple. We chose not to have kids until this “season” of our marriage was complete. We knew that there were things that we wanted to be able to provide for our future children that we couldn’t do if we made the choice to have them during this season of our lives. Fast forward to present day when my wife works in a field that provides for our family financially and even though I make some of my living as a musician our family is not dependent on this income. Our children and family reap the benefits of my 16 plus years of hard work (many overtime hours, working 2-3jobs at times) and me risking my life to protect and serve my community as a police officer. We are literally reaping a harvest from years of hard work and dedication. At that time It was an investment into our future for which we now benefit as a family. All the sacrifices that she made during those years of working full time leaving the house at 7a and returning at 11p and studying through the weekends etc…have paid off because we are NOW able to give our family not only more financial stability and a more quality education but we can give them more of “us”. We have the flexibility to give them ourselves. My kids will have the presence and memory of their father being a very “present” father. I’m able to give them the gift of time in a way that a lot of fathers aren’t able to “provide” for their families. I don’t consider my years of continued sacrifice and service to my community and home “wimpy” at all. Nor do I think that all marriages are to look exactly a like. We all value different things and that’s ok. When I was 20 my mother passed away at the age of 44. All I wanted was to have more “time” with her and I have peace that my kids are able to have more “time” with me because of the work that I sowed many years before they were born. I don’t believe that their takeaway as adults will be to look at their father and say that he is “wimpy”. I think that they will learn a tremendous amount from the both of us on having “smart” work ethic and how to allow God to order the steps of their marriage and NOT be defined by others who think everyone is talk walk the same strict path when it comes to roles of a marriage. We put God in a small box as christians and I think it belittles him and shows a lack of understanding of just how incredibly great, massive and even sometimes complexed our God is. He loves us in the tiniest of details of our lives and a path that is unique to each and everyone of us. A God that knows us down to our individual hairs on our heads is NOT to be placed in a box. The term “PROVIDE” literally has a over a thousand examples. When God has divinely ordered your specific steps in life you don’t look to see if the person to your right or left are walking the same path. He loves you enough to carve out something just for you and because of this I don’t feel the need to compare my household to my neighbors. Nor do I need to feel inadequate as a man because I’ve changed my children’s diapers, done their hair, taken them to school, picked them up and helped them with their homework etc…These actions don’t define me as a man (or husband) just as being a police officer didn’t difine me during my younger years. A job/career is a “resource” and what I “do” for a living doesn’t make me more or less of a “man” wimpy or not. Even with all that I do my wife still does aaaaaaall of those “motherly” things that I as a man am unable to provide. She gives a touch of tenderness balanced with strength and perseverance to our children that I could never match or mimic as a man. So just because what we currently “do” for a living is somewhat of a role reversal the role and gifts that God has given us as it relates to our genders are clearly defined and present in our home. Of course someone taking a snapshot of our lives in judgement may not see that but then again as Christian we don’t live our lives so that “others” can understand we answer the call that God has for us because that’s his divine order for us. This is why I don’t take offense but I’ll just allow for you to walk your own path towards your own understanding of what a marriage is supposed to look like

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      1. Well said…..I totally understand that there are different seasons in life….and different situations as well. For instance, you DID work (as you said) for many years in your job as a police officer before you were able to stay home. I definitely think both parents should spend as much time with kids as possible. Parents neglecting their children time-wise is a big issue today. But you had already spent time working hard. I think my point more was there seem to be a lot of people who are content to be lazy at home, and not get a job, under the guise of staying home with their kids. A big difference from working hard in order to spend more time with kids in the future. I agree 100% that we often have a limited understanding of God and how He works! And you’re right, I don’t know everything. I’m sure I’ll have many different thoughts, more thoughts, or better thoughts in the future on this subject as I have more experience. Just in this day and age when there is so much controversy over gender and blurring of the lines, I think it’s important to make some distinctions in roles. Thanks for your comment and taking time to read =)


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