Changing Seasons


I just have to say it:

I’m starting to enjoy this Fall thing.

It’s just started to turn into Fall here and I’m starting to get excited thinking about pumpkin muffins, hot chocolate, and sweaters.

I think I enjoy Fall more than Winter because by the time Winter rolls around (after Christmas, that is) you are tired of the cold and feeling like a marshmallow in all the layers of clothing. But Fall is when everything gets to be pulled out after being stuffed in bins all summer, and when you get to go out and shop for some new Fall accessories!

Fall is a season of change.

It always gets me thinking. I start reminiscing about the Summer just past and get all these new ideas for Winter.

 Not just craft ideas or holiday recipes.

I think about change in myself, and change in my spiritual life, and relationships, and just change in general.

Does anyone besides me feel like you’ll wake up tomorrow and it will be 2018 already?

Yeah. scary thought.

I’m trying to be prepared now, trying to come up with goals to continue stretching and improving myself.

I am constantly comparing my life this year with my life at this time last year. I see how much closer I am to the goals I made before.

But this all sounds like New Year’s stuff.

Right now I’m just going to try and enjoy the season I’m in. This season of marvelous change and wonder.



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