To Blog or Not to Blog?


I am always caught in the same predicament.

I have enough inspiration to want to share it. Whether my best means is blogging or whether I should find another way I have yet to determine.

But I always run out of inspiration. What should I post about? What picture should accompany my post? Do I want to post the equivalent of short stories, or life tips? Christian inspiration or minimalism or all of the above?

I think for now I have to go with all of the above. There are so many different things I have to write about and post about and doing so many things should surely give me enough to post about (right?).

Would I do better if I started a Youtube channel and alternated that with blogging? Maybe.

I can’t deny it’s something I’ve been considering.

If any of you faithful followers of mine are still out there, please let me know what you think!

Should I Youtube also?

What should I post about? What are you interested in?

I want to stay true to myself but at the same time I want to share what people are looking for.


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