Are We Seeking to Be Moral Christians or Godly Christians?


I am enjoying reading “Counter Culture” by David Platt. If you think this is a weird way to start a blog post, by all means, keep reading. It will get better.

It’s the kind of book that inspires you to actually do something to change the world.

I’d been all caught up in reading it, silently “amen-ing” to his points (my mom says I actually nod away at my book while reading. Like I do in church during the sermon), devouring chapter after chapter, until I realized—I hadn’t even cracked open the cover of my Bible that day.

Talk about conviction! Here I am reading a book on countering culture with our Christianity and spirituality and I hadn’t even been in my guidebook—I hadn’t even taken the time to arm myself with time with God. Continue reading “Are We Seeking to Be Moral Christians or Godly Christians?”

Feminism: Thoughts on How the Pro-Women Movement isn’t as Good as it Seems


The topic of Feminism is certainly very controversial and people are willing to argue just about any point on both sides of the debate, pro- or anti-.

I certainly don’t want to get caught up in a senseless argument about if Feminism is a movement that our culture needs, or even what defines a Feminist.

People throw so many different meanings to the words, it’s hard to know what’s what.

But these are some thoughts I have on why what is viewed as pro-women is not working for our society. Continue reading “Feminism: Thoughts on How the Pro-Women Movement isn’t as Good as it Seems”

Changing Seasons


I just have to say it:

I’m starting to enjoy this Fall thing.

It’s just started to turn into Fall here and I’m starting to get excited thinking about pumpkin muffins, hot chocolate, and sweaters.

I think I enjoy Fall more than Winter because by the time Winter rolls around (after Christmas, that is) you are tired of the cold and feeling like a marshmallow in all the layers of clothing. Continue reading “Changing Seasons”

To Blog or Not to Blog?


I am always caught in the same predicament.

I have enough inspiration to want to share it. Whether my best means is blogging or whether I should find another way I have yet to determine.

But I always run out of inspiration. What should I post about? What picture should accompany my post? Continue reading “To Blog or Not to Blog?”