In Memorial


We get caught up in little things.



Material things.

And we forget that the most important thing, in this life, is the people around us.

The people we’ve been given to share this day with.

And we have no guarantee of another day with them.

There are some people today who won’t just remember all the soldiers, collectively, who fought for us and gave their life for us.

They will remember a brother, a husband, a son.

Someone who was once given to them for the day.

And it turned out to be a very short time.

There were, in history, others who gave up their lives for us.

My pastor reminded us that Memorial day should also remind us of all the others in the past, who sacrificed so we could be where we are today.

Like soldiers, it’s a sacrifice that’s still continuing today.


The people who have chosen to follow Jesus whatever the cost.

Because of them, we can worship, and meet in church.

Because of the soldiers, we still have a country, and are not under alien rule, and other countries  are not, because of our soldiers.

So let’s remember the different kinds of sacrifice today.

The sacrifice of the common people.

Let’s forge a better relationship with those that are still with us,

and open our hearts to sacrifice for others.

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